Building an experience to buy gift cards in bulk
My Role
Discovery, ideation, user flows, end-to-end
prototype & testing
Design a responsive webpage
Backend Developer, Front End Developer,
Product Director
Many superb's clients fall more into the luxury categories providing unforgettable experiences for their guests. Experiences that many companies, for example, would like to gift their employees due to work well done. 
This scenario raised many feature requests from restaurants asking superb to allow the purchase of more than one gift card per flow since they now had to do it manually. However, we had to also think about the average person who wants to buy one gift card for their loved one. So he had a complex problem to solve: How to make a flow that is just as easy to buy 500 as it is to buy 1? 
Besides that, there is also the fact that different restaurants allow different gift card types, such as the purchase of an experience or the classic amount gift card. So another question emerged: How to allow the purchase of two different gift card types without restarting the flow?
All these questions made us feel like there wasn't an easy way out. That is until we decided to bring the e-commerce flow into play. That allowed us to think of ways to give as many people different gift card methods as needed.
The Design Process
This first stage of the process involved analysing how our competitors and/or other companies were tackling this problem and what was the behaviour.

As a result of the research, the chosen format was some kind of e-commerce, where the user could navigate freely between the different types of gift cards. After finding a format, what were the best practices of this new format and how to make intuitive in our particular case.
Design & Testing
In production mode the layouts were designed taking into consideration user experience, delight and user interactions. This all went into the final staging of validation, so testing the actual design. 
Mapping the flow and tweaking the format to our needs
The main purpose of the flow is to map the needs and possibilities in buying gift cards - both in bulk and individually - while ensuring it's still a short learning curve for the user.
Measure & Iterations
This was what I'm sure the first of many iterations for this feature, it was only the first step.
It must be iterated considering usability tests, A/B tests, and other in-depth user research to improve the initial version.

We will track it continuously tracking the sessions for checking bounce rate, heat-maps and rage and dead clicks. These are very important for us to understand that the feature is working seamlessly. 

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