While watching a designer I've always taken inspiration from, Tina Touli, on adobe live, I decided I wanted to experiment with a few different techniques. At the same time, I found out it was the 20th anniversary of distortion, a big street party in Copenhagen. I thought it was a great timing to try out a technique that distorts the artwork, using water and oil.​​​​​​​

Before the experiment
Before starting with the water and oil part, I had to do the artwork. I tried to make it as simple as possible, using only typography. For each neighbourhood, I used one different font, but always using the same for the details, so I could try to achieve consistency. 
Around the big letters, I had really thin magenta and cyan strokes, so there was a little bit of colour reflection afterwards.

Posters after the experiment
Even though I had a hard time with the quality, I managed to have some interesting outcomes. On photoshop I adjust the levels and used intensively the tools dodge and burn, in order to try to make the type a bit sharper. Those are the results of the ones I liked the most.


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