While watching a designer I've always taken inspiration from, Tina Touli, on adobe live, I decided I wanted to experiment with a few different techniques. At the same time, I found out it was the 20th anniversary of distortion, a big street party in Copenhagen. I thought it was a great timing to try out a technique that distorts the artwork, using water and oil.
To do this experiment I used water and baby oil (for the distortion), an iPad (for the posters), a poster frame (to protect the iPad), a glass kitchen tray (to mix the water and oil), acetate and tape (to glue at the bottom of the tray, so it's easier for the water and oil to move around) and a camera (I used both a Nikon camera, and my phone).
Before starting with the water and oil part, I had to do the artwork. I tried to make it as simple as possible, using only typography. For each neighborhood, I used one different font, but always using the same for the details, so I could try to achieve consistency. 
Around the big letters, I had really thin magenta and cyan strokes, so there was a little bit of color reflection afterwards. 
As I predicted my main struggle was to keep the artwork still sharp. I found out, in the middle of the process, that taking away the books and having the poster frame directly on top of the iPad was much better. But at the time I found that out, a bit of oil started getting in between the tray and the acetate, so the distortion was not looking as good anymore.
Even though I had a hard time with the quality, I managed to have some interesting outcomes. On photoshop I adjust the levels and used intensively the tools dodge and burn, in order to try to make the type a bit sharper. Those are the results of the ones I liked the most.

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