Visual Identity
Superb’s Guest Experience Management platform (GXM) gathers all the tools to run a restaurant (Reservations, POS and Payments) — in one place. GXM frees up time and provides restaurant teams worldwide with an easier workflow while collecting data to take control of the business and give every guest a personalised experience, build relationships and increase revenue — The key to a successful restaurant.

GXM solves the problem many restaurants face nowadays: many different softwares, that don’t communicate with each other, leaving restaurants in the dark when it comes to data. At the end, many restaurants end up having to do the data collection manually. At its core, Superb’s mission is to centralize and simplify restaurants processes resulting in more time for restauranteurs to work on what they are really passionate about: their guests.
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Superb's visual identity stays true to its roots: scandinavian, functional and simple.
The logo of Superb embodies the aesthetic of the brand. It uses a minimalistic and timeless typeface to communicate who we are — a new and dynamic service for premium restaurants.
In a category oversaturated with gold, Superb's color palete stands out. Bringing the green as one of the primary colors, and many other hue's showcases the balanced yet playful personality of the company.
Our brand typography is Circular: An attractive, friendly, and timeless sans-serif font.
We have developed out unique illustration style and avatar. The illustrations are bold, with a clean, thick, doodly line.

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