UN Live Festival

UN Live is a group of initiatives that have as a function to bridge the gap between people and the UN development goals (SDG’s), by inciting the potential of people in creating a better world and their ability to collectively and individually tackle the challenges the world has.
One of the ways to bring UN Live to life will be by hosting the UN Live Festival. 
The idea of the festival is to stage an inspiring common group for the world’s youth to collaborate, engage and come up with solutions around the mission of the UN while activating the host city in different ways.
Besides working with UN Live Festival while working at Designit Copenhagen, I also explored this theme for my final project in university. 


To gather as much knowledge and insights as possible, I conducted different kinds of audits and research methods, both quantitative & qualitative. 

User Test

As a starting point, based on the research, 3 different visual directions were developed. All the directions were submitted to user testing, resulting then on the choice of the visual direction to be further developed.
Design Principle
The concept for the solution was building blocks representing the feeling of community present in festivals.
The brand architecture was thought based on the design principle. The cities Copenhagen and São Paulo were used as examples, since the Festival aims to travel all over the world. 
All the sub-brands of each city were developed by using the same alignment as the mother brand (with one point as the connector, everything aligned to the left, etc.).

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